Treasurer/Secretary Candidates

The treasurer/secretary position is extremely important in terms of the council’s budget and various other duties. Make your vote count!

Ari Davis

“Ari Davis should be the vote in your mind without a doubt. I plan on working to implement new and unique clubs for students of all interests! I really am here for the STUDENTS of Forest Hill. This upcoming school year has gotten much more promising.”

Lauren Bogo

“What sets me apart is that I’m willing to go that extra mile that others won’t. I’ll be 100% dedicated to making sure Forest Hill gets the most out of its money, which at the end of the day is what the treasurer is responsible for. Change doesn’t happen overnight but, as treasurer, I’d do everything in my power to improve spirit.”

Lielle Ronen

“I want students to want to be a part of FHCI! We need more money towards student run events such pep rallies or provide more student incentives such as prizes so that people want to be more immersed in school culture. With my negotiating skills I will be sure to make our budget go a long way!”

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