Student Council President

Hey FHCI, it’s that time of the year again — Student Council elections! It’s time for you to choose who will be the face of the student body. Two great candidates are competing for the job — Angie Gjika and Braden Brock! Here’s a quick run-down of what they’ll bring to the table.

Angie Gjika

“Forest Hill needs someone that can represent them and their passions. As an individual that is involved in many of the groups at FHCI and from a different background and upbringing, I will be able to be the voice of those that are not heard around the school!”

Follow Angie’s campaign account @voteforangie

Braden Brock

“I am extremely excited to be running for Student Council President—campaigning has been so much fun and I would be so honoured to lead as President. I am running on the principles of respect, compassion, spirit, and bringing energy to our great school. I believe I should win this election because I am a born leader, great listener, and someone who will work tirelessly everyday to make the school experience better for all students.”

Follow Braden’s campaign account @brockforpresident

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