Toronto Finds: Places You Don’t Know About… But Should

By: Megan Cramer

Hidden deep within the bustle of Chinatown lays a hole-in-the-wall worth talking about! This restaurant, called Ding Dong Pastries and Café, is located at 321 Spadina Ave. If you’ve ever wanted to try some unusual Dim Sum-style pastries butwere worried about the price, this is the place for you!


Most of the pastries are around fifty cents each, and some are even less than that, so you can feel free to try as many of the assorted treats as you can handle, and there certainly is a variety to chose from! Taro pastries, pineapple buns, chicken buns, milk jam buns, and much more! Although the ambience is nothing to write home about, this is more-than-made-up-for by the uniform deliciousness of the food. I have gone there many times, and in those times have only ever once gotten something I didn’t like, (not because it was bad, just not to my taste). Another pleasant surprise is that this bakery also makes bubble tea, and while it is not unusually good bubble tea, it is certainly good bubble tea, and much less expensive than any other bubble teashop I’ve ever been to. Although there is very limited table space, (not much of a problem since most people take things to go), and the appearance is a bit dingy, (though the food itself is kept very clean), Ding Dong Pastries and Café is definitely one hole-in-the-wall worth checking out!

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