Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered who you would be if you were the main character of a fantasy television show or book? Find out with the FHCI exclusive quiz created by Megan Cramer:

1. Which of these situations would make you the happiest?

A. Going on a great first date with the love of my life

B. Surviving a major apocalypse with my best friends

C. Fighting battle. Alone. I always work alone.

D. Finally reaching my biggest goal

E. Playing a nasty trick on my nemesis

2. What would spell your ultimate defeat?

A. If the hero won… With her little dog too!

B. Having to return from your quest empty-handed

C. Losing a teammate in battle

D. Chasing the person I love to the train station… And having the train pull away before they heard me say, “I love you!” Dramatic music was playing and everything…

E. Having to take orders

3. If you had a love interest, what would their name be? (There is a male and female option for each choice)

A. Jessie/Jesse

B. Rosalinda/William

C. I won’t entirely deny that there is somebody, but I’m sure not going to get mushy about it or name any names…

D. Lucy/Paul

E. Esmeralda/Lucius

4. In this fantasy world, what would you do in your spare time?

A) Practice my work. Not talk to anybody.

B) Practice my potions and spells, cackle a bit

C) Sit on the balcony, exchanging sweet nothings with my beloved

D) Study

E) Hang out with my friends

5. What would your occupation be?

A. Weapons specialist

B. Who needs a job when you can live on love!

C. Explorer

D. I’m, umm… Shall we say… Self-employed… Mwahaha!

E. Pirate captain

6. What would be your last line before the credits?

A. “I told you I could!”

B. “…And if he ever comes back… We’ll be ready!”

C. “You may have won this time, but I’ll be back!”

D. “Yeah, okay, fine. You’re not bad.”

E. “I love you, too!”

Scoring guide:

Question 1: A- 5 points, B- 3 points, C- 2 points, D- 4 points, E- 1 point

Question 2: A- 1 point, B- 4 points, C- 3 points, D- 5 points, E- 2 points

Question 3: A- 3 points, B- 5 points, C- 2 points, D- 4 points, E- 1 point

Question 4: A- 2 points, B- 1 point, C- 5 points, D- 4 points, E- 3 points

Question 5: A- 2 points, B- 5 points, C- 4 points, D- 1 point, E- 3 points

Question 6: A- 4 points, B- 3 points, C- 1 point, D- 2 points, E- 5 points

6-9 points

The Villain

Most are content to save the Earth, but that’s not enough for you! Why save it when you can rule it? Being good is nice enough, but you know being bad is fun, too! You think maybe you should do something other than thwart the hero, but you do have a reputation to protect. Just remember, the villain does tend to always lose in the end, so if you want to do something good once in a while I won’t tell…


The Caramel Chocolate

Why, caramel chocolate? Come to think of it, if you got this answer, you probably don’t care to find out anyway. Much like a piece of chocolate caramel you are hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. It takes a while for people to get to know you, and even longer for you to trust anybody, but once you accept somebody you will be fiercely loyal to them forever. Just remember, most people are pretty nice once you get to know them. Learn to see the good in people, and your life will be a whole lot richer, because life’s no fun if you’re living it alone.


The Big Dreamer

You are extremely ambitious, and people love that about you! Your optimism towards the future helps you to obtain your goals and never give up! Just don’t forget to have fun, too!


The Fearless Leader

You are a natural-born leader, and that draws people to you. You know when to take charge and when to let other people have a turn. Odds are you’re very popular, and are surrounded by friends most of the time. You are also very brave and would do anything for your friends. Just don’t forget that there’s also value in spending time alone sometimes and collecting your thoughts.


The Star-cross’d Lover

You are a hopeless romantic. Odds are you’re doodling somebody’s name in your notebook right now as you read this. Maybe even on this very page. It’s great to be in love, but don’t forget to make time for friends, as well.