Club Profiles

By: Rachel Almuli

Concert Choir 

Concert Choir, Massey Hall 2014

By far the largest club at Forest Hill, the concert choir sings both classical songs and modern music and performs at many different concerts over the year, including the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as with other TDSB choirs at Massey Hall.  No singing experience is required at all, and the general attitude is ‘the more the merrier’.  Led by Miss Dalamba, concert choir rehearses every Tuesday at lunch and every Wednesday after school in the Vocal Room.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)


The GSA is a safe space for students to talk about issues they face regarding discrimination and frustrating behaviour they witness and experience while also working fight homophobia around the school. They also organize the annual GSA Assembly to educate students on different sexualities and genders and combating homophobia.  It is a welcoming environment for all, and they also have snacks. The Gender and Sexuality Alliance meets every Tuesday after school in the Vocal Room.

Book Café Club

A new club starting this year, the Book Café Club is, as the name suggests, a place to discuss and read new books with snacks.  Books are chosen by the two club leaders and alternate genres to include a wide range of tastes and expose members to novels potentially outside their usual favourites.  They meet every other Friday at lunch in Mr. MacDonald’s room.  Again, there’s food.

Art Club

These are the people who make all the lovely banners hung in the foyer for different events all year.  This year they are planning on stepping up their game a bit more to include decorations around the school as well as the usual banners and musical production sets they normally take on.  Definitely worth looking into for the more artistically inclined.  Art Club meets every Thursday and potentially every Tuesday after school in the Art Room, listen to the announcements for more information.