Couples of FHCI – Chase and Bailee

By Jamie Kerzner and Georgia Blatt

How did you meet?

Bailee: “Jenna Kauffman and Jack Bleiweis set us up.”

How long have you been together?

Bailee: “A long time.”
Chase: “A year and a half.”

What is your favourite thing to do together?

Chase: “Go for[restrict] food.”

What is each other’s favourite food?

Bailee: “Popcorn.”
Chase: “She has like 8 different things. Fruit, sushi, chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, chicken wings…”

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Chase: “Everything.”
Bailee: “He’s weird, but in a good way.”

What are your plans for valentines day?

Bailee: “We’ll go out for dinner or to a sporting event.”

Favourite date ideas?

Chase: “Going to wonderland.”
Bailee: “It’s really fun.”

Would you rather give or receive gifts?

Chase: “Give. It’s nice to make others feel good.”
Bailee: “Give, definitely.”

Dinner at a fancy restaurant or fast food takeout?

Chase: “Fast food take out.”
Bailee: “Fast food.”

Who is your celebrity valentine?

Bailee: “Zac Efron.”
Chase: “Jennifer Aniston.”

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