Couples of FHCI – Ms. Monaghan and Mr. Dinsmore

teacher couple

By Danielle Westreich, Jessica Huong, Jessica Bensky and Esther Eisen

How long have you been together?

Mr. Dinsmore: “7 or 8 years.”

What were your first impressions of each other? 

Ms. Monaghan: “Short with a good taste in music.”

Mr. Dinsmore: “Tall and very [restrict] smiley.”

What is your favourite date place? 

Mr. Dinsmore: “Any nice restaurant.”

Where was your first date? 

Ms. Monaghan: “We hung out as friends a lot before an official date. Our first official date was at a restaurant called Paradis.”

Describe each other using one word. 

Ms. Monaghan: “Awesome.”

Mr. Dinsmore: “Fun.”

What are your biggest pet peeves about each other?

Ms. Monaghan: “Underplanning.”

Mr. Dinsmore: “Overplanning.”

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

Ms. Monaghan: “We don’t buy into consumerism.”

Mr. Dinsmore: “We do have family day weekend plans, though. We’re going skiing with Mr. Naylor’s family and Mr. Kleiman’s family.”

What do you love most about each other?

Ms. Monaghan: “To sum it all up: I love how caring, loving, intelligent and fun he is, contrary to popular belief.”

Mr. Dinsmore: “I would agree with all of those things. Also, just everything we do together is just really enjoyable.”

Do you have a favourite pastime?

Ms. Monaghan: “Cottaging, recreational sports and board games, specifically Ticket to Ride and Wizard (the card game).”

Who does your daughter, Lola, love more?

Mr. Dinsmore:  “Her (Ms. Monaghan]. I’m winning her over a little bit but she had a year with her.”

How did you pick the name ‘Lola’ for your daughter?

Ms. Monaghan: She was nameless for 2 days as we were trying to decide on a name. My mom suggested it at one point and it just stuck in my head.

Which TV shows do you watch together?

Mr. Dinsmore:  “Game of Thrones, Silicone Valley, basically anything on HBO.”

Who is the more competitive one? 

Mr. Dinsmore:  “Probably me.” 

Ms. Monaghan: “I think you can be very competitive, but in my mind I’m more competitive. I hate losing but I wouldn’t throw a tantrum or anything.”

At what point did you realize that this could be long-term? 

Ms. Monaghan: “Maybe when we moved in together or… when we had a child together.”

Mr. Dinsmore:  “Having been through renovations together, it confirmed that we could get through anything together.”

Do you have any interesting stories? 

Ms. Monaghan: “We were robbed at knifepoint in Panama.” 

What is the key to a successful relationship? 

Mr. Dinsmore: “Just take care of each other.”

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